Smart City

October 2023 How to Build a Smart City?

Building a smart city is not just about technology, but also about political will, strategic vision, and collective commitment.

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September 2023 Adaptive Lighting: how it works and why choose it

Adaptive lighting is an advanced technology that promptly regulates and adapts public and street lighting based on actual traffic, luminance and weather conditions.

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September 2023 Eidos, the new shape of street lighting

Eidos is the innovative street luminaire that is able to support the digital transformation of cities, offering higher performance, advanced connectivity and a reduced ecological footprint,

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August 2023 How to carry out lighting calculation in smart cities

Lighting calculation is a complex process: the accuracy of the calculation depends on multiple factors, including the quality of the input data and knowledge of lighting standards and techniques.

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July 2023 What are the benefits of remote control technology?

Remote control is an advanced technology that allows for the remote monitoring of urban service management systems. This system offers numerous benefits in terms of monitoring, efficiency, and security.

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November 2022 Surveillance and assistance in smart cities

Smart lighting makes the smart city safe through the use of innovative tools for land surveillance and citizen assistance. It can be used as a platform for all urban services in the smart city.

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October 2022 Why use smart lighting in smart cities?

Smart lighting plays a primary role in smart cities because, beyond energy savings, it provides and ensures essential services for the management of future cities. The use of smart lighting and related intelligent sensor systems supports the proper management and organization of urban spaces.

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