Sentronic Connect is the new patented technology by GDS that integrates the connection and power supply system within a luminaire, in a single intelligent component, allowing direct connection to control platforms, without the need for additional devices. Sentronic Connect marks a true breakthrough compared to the urban lighting systems used up to now, and allows for significant advantages in terms of economics, advanced connectivity, and eco-sustainability. The main features of Sentronic Connect are:

  • Wide-scale accessibility
  • Total traceability
  • Eco-sustainability

The feature that makes Sentronic Connect a real game-changer is its accessibility. The integrated connectivity of Sentronic Connect allows adaptive lighting to become truly sustainable in extensive applications, enabling incremental savings of between 30% and 50%, and achieving a return on investment in 4-5 years, optimizing the financial plan both in the medium and long term.

Sentronic Connect gives a unique identity to each individual luminaire. This translates into complete traceability of each device, eliminating the need for manual interventions in phases such as warehouse management, installation, or repair operations. Being designed as a single integrated component, rather than as elements born and conceived as separate and made by different parties, Sentronic Connect eliminates the need for an additional node to connect to remote management systems. The result is a significant reduction in the use of plastic and polymeric materials, simplification of product components, and a consequent decrease in overall energy consumption.

Having eliminated the need for an additional node to allow the luminaire to be connected to a remote management network has also positive implications in terms of product durability and lifespan. Sentronic Connect is more resistant to weather conditions, easier to maintain, and contributes to extending the product’s lifespan.

Integrated connectivity, wide-scale accessibility, and reduced ecological footprint make Sentronic Connect the ideal solution for adaptive lighting in smart cities, from large metropolis to smaller cities, ensuring energy savings and well-being for urban communities.

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