The GDS laboratories are the beating heart of our Research & Development activity, where innovation comes to life and the pursuit of excellence is rigorously tested and certified.


GDS Lighting Laboratories


The GDS laboratories are the vital core of the Research and Development activity. Here, technological innovation comes to life, and the quest for excellence in quality is pursued and certified.

Since 2001, as pioneers in the adoption of LED technology, we recognise its enormous potential in the lighting industry. Following an intense period of experimentation, in 2007 we launched the first lighting luminaire based on LED technology.

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and run by a highly qualified team. Every stage of experimentation is submitted to strict control standards, which guarantee the highest level of product quality and respect for the environment, thanks to an eco-friendly design approach.

Intertek Accredited Laboratories


Our continuous pursuit of quality excellence has enabled us to be accredited by Intertek as a Recognized SATELLITE™ Laboratory under the CTF Stage 2 (Customer Testing Facility) Stage 2. 

Intertek accreditation certifies compliance with the high standards required by ISO/IEC 17025 and our ability to perform all the tests to obtain ENEC and CB certificates.

Various types of tests can be certified in our laboratories: electrical safety, functional, environmental, mechanical, reliability and durability, labelling and marking, and conformity tests to specific standards.

GDS Lighting Laboratories


Accreditation by Intertek is an acknowledgement of the competence and reliability of our laboratories in performing tests and delivering accurate results, and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards.

Our status as a Recognized SATELLITE™ Laboratory underlines our commitment to maintain standards of excellence in the lighting industry, putting quality and reliability at the heart of every stage of the production process.



Our continuous commitment to achieving the highest quality standards is reflected in our wide and versatile range of products, developed in-house to ensure continuous technological updates, absolute control of the production process and the highest product quality standards.

We adopt an Eco-By-Design approach for the design of our products, based on eco-sustainable, traceable, recycled raw materials.

The LCA certifications of our devices allow us to quantify energy consumption and environmental impact and to issue ecological labels.

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For over 45 years, we have cultivated a deeply rooted culture of innovation that guides us in investing in energy and resources. We continue to evolve to ensure the value, quality and durability of our solutions.

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