The new shape of street lighting.

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Eidos is the new generation of street lighting luminaires from GDS Lighting. High-performing, Eidos is a cutting-edge product in the outdoor luminaire scene. Designed and manufactured from an eco by design perspective, Eidos is a product that stands out for its extreme lightness and reduced size compared to industry standards. Its production involves a less resource use and production waste, and the achievement of extremely high quality standards in terms of Carbon Footprint.
Eidos features a cutting-edge optical platform, an outcome of the research and development carried out by GDS Lighting in recent years. The result of this challenging work of study and design is a new optical portfolio with maximum performance,with among the lowest loss values on the market. Eidos is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large, from 1200 to 22,000 lm, allowing for customization of the luminaire and a configuration perfectly tailored to the context's application needs. Each size has been designed to achieve some of the lowest Carbon Footprint values on the market.

Eidos S Some of the lowest Carbon Footprint values on the market.
Power from 11.9 W to 40.9 W
Data sheet Eidos Seast
Eidos M The lowest possible environmental impact without compromising performance and quality.
Power from 19 W to 82.1 W
Data sheet Eidos Meast
Eidos L Superior performance and advanced connectivity.
Power from 75.6 W to 164.1 W
Data sheet Eidos Least
Fully connected

Advanced connectivity, superior performance and optimization of energy resources: with Eidos, every city will be able to implement increasingly smart and sustainable urban infrastructure.

Advanced connectivity

SkylarkNet+, new patented power and connection system

Superior performance

Advanced geometries of the new optical platform enable maximum recovery of stray light.


Our commitment to minimizing waste and ensuring that resources are used wisely.

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Eidos The new shape of street lighting.

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