MaXimo S is the newest member in the MaXimo family and completes a range of products whose architecture has been designed to significantly improve the most important aspects of street lighting.

The search for design as a product function has given rise to a compact and yet extremely performing luminaire. The new dedicated optical system and efficiency up to 160 lm / W provide unprecedented performance.

MaXimo S is made of die-cast aluminum, a light but extremely resistant material. It is a compact product, where all the internal space has been optimized to be exploited to the maximum.

As all the other products in the MaXimo family, the device has a clip on the back to allow it to be easily opened without the use of tools. In addition, the complete opening of the compartment allows full accessibility and ease of maintenance, thanks also to the small internal bracket that keeps the compartment open.

The ease of installation and the high efficacy and flexibility make MaXimo S suitable for lighting urban and suburban streets, from category M6 to category M3.

The renewed MaXimo family, thanks to its wide range of lumen packages, the variety of photometric distributions and the different control options, offers a tailor-made solution, focused on TCO, allowing a perfect balance between project needs and costs.

The availability of 3 sizes (up to 22,000 lm), the high efficiency (up to 160 lm / W) and the wide and complete photometric package, also allow all the the MaXimo luminaires to be integrated even in the most ambitious projects.




MaXimo S, like the other two luminaires in the MaXimo family, integrates perfectly with SkylarkNet, the connectivity system for smart cities developed by GDS Lighting. The perfect synergy between the luminaires and the platform gives city managers a key tool for city management and efficiency.

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