Eidos is the innovative street lighting luminaire that facilitates the digital transformation of cities, offering higher performance, advanced connectivity, and a reduced ecological footprint.

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We design the essential components of our solutions in-house, so as to ensure continuous technological updates, absolute control of the production process and the highest product quality standards.
Our portfolio of solutions – designed for urban, road and industrial contexts – offers opportunities that combine energy efficiency and service to the community with the comfort and well-being of people, while taking into account environmental conditions and social events.
With advanced connectivity systems, we regulate the use and characteristics of light according to context conditions.
Our lighting solutions are based on eco-sustainable, traceable, recycled raw materials.
The LCA certifications of our devices allow us to quantify energy consumption and environmental impact and to issue ecological labels.

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SLCS | SLCM Talede Plus Urban The best combination of performance, quality and safety
Eidos Urban The new shape of street lighting.
Noesi Urban Flexibility combined with maximum functional effectiveness
Themis Urban Elegance and timeless design for urban lighting
Orbiter Industry The best solution for a quick payback
Stark Industry Robustness and effectiveness
Hemera Urban Design, versatility and compactness
Kit Retrofit Urban The right compromise between economy and performance
MaXimo Urban Street lighting that simply shines into the future
Koinè Urban Tradition and efficiency
Itan Industry A luminaire with greater protection for technical and industrial environments
Spirit Industry Comfortable light, maximum effectiveness
Buxus Industry Reliable, efficient, robust
Helios Industry The technical and functional downlight
Saluca Industry Maximum protection and reliability over time
Buran Industry The best weatherproof luminaire with LED technology
Virgo Industry Visual comfort and efficiency for the office

Designed to be flexible

SkylarkNet is an open connectivity system for smart cities that can monitor and manage extended networks of lighting points and also allow the real-time identification of areas of inefficiency by adjusting energy consumption to the actual requirements of the time and place. SkylarkNet was devised GDS by design, meaning it boasts a design consistency of origin that guarantees a uniformity of conception, production, testing and maintenance.

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For over 45 years, we have cultivated a deeply rooted culture of innovation that guides us in investing in energy and resources. We continue to evolve to ensure the value, quality and durability of our solutions.

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