GDS Lighting took part in the Light+Building 2022 Fair, the world’s leading event in lighting and smart building. Many attendees visited the stand to know the company closely and its proposal.

“The GDS Lighting value added is the complete development of the products, including the electronics and the connectivity part. Our vision is to offer an integral approach to ensure consistency and quality” 

GDS Lighting participated in the Light+Building 2022 fair, registering a large presence of visitors who were able to get to know the Company closely, the Values that inspire its work – Innovation, Trustworthiness and Sustainability – and GDS by design, the philosophy that expresses the GDS Lighting ability to directly manufacture in-house and integrate the electronic, optical and software control components into its Solutions.

The exhibition path of the stand accompanied the visitor along environments that evoked a metaphysical city surrounded by greenery, with scenarios inspired by urban spaces from which emerged as protagonists the proposals of GDS Lighting.

GDS by Design, a complete solution fully developed “in house”

GDS Lighting provides lighting solutions that arise from the internal capacity of research, design, testing and robust experience gained in installations built in the world.

GDS by design is an integral end-to-end approach, that includes:

  • Optiwise, a range of proprietary optical systems developed to enhance the effectiveness and durability of the luminaires, ensuring significant savings.
  • Sentronic, a range of innovative, reliable, robust power supply solutions aimed at controlling the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 
  • Portfolio of urban and industrial lighting solutions, designed with an eco-design approach.
  • SkylarkNet, the open connectivity system for smart cities that merges software infrastructure with a range of networkable hardware objects, that can be connected to the network. With SkylarkNet, GDS Lighting provides city managers with a complete solution, integrating remote control of in-house manufactured luminaires with various data management solutions. By leveraging the digital infrastructure created for lighting control, scalability and interoperability of the system, with SkylarkNet it is possible to integrate other sensors, such as smart parking, noise detectors, traffic and weather detectors, and adjust the quantity and quality of light actually necessary for the real use of urban spaces, protecting safety and comfort for people.

Visitors were able to “touch” what GDS by design means, observing all the components of the Themis product, “exploded”.

GDS Lighting is Eco-by design  

The company deeply believes that the lighting design can be eco-by-design, that is, able to express the maximum functional effectiveness while respecting the environment. For this reason, GDS Lighting’s commitment to Sustainability involves the whole production process, right from the research and development stages. 

The GDS Lighting solutions are based on eco-sustainable, traceable raw materials from recycled materials. The LCA certifications allow to quantify energy consumption and environmental impact and to issue ecological labels. 

GDS Lighting is the first Italian company in the lighting sector to own a qualified tool validated by @EPD Italy, which allows to verify in detail the environmental impact of each single luminaire.

GDS Lighting – Light as a Value

Light as Value is the motto and the principle on which the work of GDS Lighting is based, and sees the whole company engaged in the design and implementation of cutting-edge solutions for customers, with the aim of giving value to light for the welfare of the community. 

GDS Lighting’s proposals are designed, developed and produced by thinking about the future, so that they can interact, evolve and improve interconnected ecosystems, with the aim of creating a world where people live better.

The sharing of experiences, technological skills and design capabilities is what GDS Lighting’s proposal of solutions is based on, and this Fair was an opportunity to present them to the public.