In July 2022 we launched the new SMT production line in Motta di Livenza (TV). The plant, thanks to the technological investments made, is becoming a reference site for the entire GDS company.
The implementation of these new technologies will serve to develop new products, and above all to meet the demands and needs of customers.
This important investment is significant in the phase of strong growth in which the company finds itself. GDS is investing in new technologies and in new professional figures to present itself on the market as a supplier of complete “GDS by design” solutions, an approach that succinctly expresses the GDS philosophy in terms of strategy, production, research and innovation, as stated by Simone Rossi, production manager of the new headquarters.


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Could you please introduce yourself with your name, surname and role within GDS?
My name is Simone Rossi. I am the Production Manager for circuit boards and process engineering. I have a technical background and am familiar with all of the company’s production machinery and equipment.
Tell us about your history within the company.
My history within the company, hence with GDS, started back in 1999.
I initially joined as a line operator, having the opportunity to grow professionally by working first in the technical maintenance area then in the machine programming division and finally in the testing area.
Hence why I am familiar with all the company’s production and product quality control processes.
What phase is the company in at the moment?
The company is currently in a phase of strong growth and is investing in new technologies and professionals.
The company’s proposition of value as an end-to-end provider is having a very positive response, both in terms of market interest and business growth.
Tell us about the Motta di Livenza office and what is new as a result of this growth.
Thanks to technological investments, the Motta di Livenza site is becoming a place of reference for the entire company. The implementation of these new technologies will serve to develop and produce new products and, above all, to meet customer demands and needs.
How is your team composed and what does the team do?
My team consists of a group of qualified and experienced professionals together with some younger people. We take care of assembling the circuit boards, which GDS will use in its finished products.
Tell us about the new SMT (Surface Mount Technology) project and the technologies being employed.
The project for the new SMT line mainly arose so we could make our own products with innovative components. Anticipating technological changes requires state-of-the-art, high-performance machinery.
The new SMT line will be able to mount from very small, almost invisible components through to large-scale components. This application is particularly useful for assembling products for the worlds of telecommunications and IoT. Thanks to the use of these machines, our production process is 100% verified at every single stage.
What are the products and solutions produced by GDS with these technologies?
These technologies will allow us to produce the hardware boards of our display products and boards for the lighting sector, a fast-growing market especially in combination with the telecommunications and IoT sectors.
What does it mean to innovate in this sector?
Innovating in this sector means anticipating technological changes. In electronics, technology is using components with increasingly smaller dimensions. Innovating in this field means being able to utilise all the components on the market and being flexible upon any eventual change in strategy. The company has made a name for itself as a provider of complete solutions, an approach that we call “GDS by design” and which succinctly expresses the GDS philosophy in terms of strategy, production, research and innovation.
How does the company fit into the Industry 4.0 model?
In the Industry 4.0 model, the company ranks high. The ability to receive data and information at every stage of the process will allow us to refine our products at the hardware and software level whilst allowing our clientèle to have complete traceability of all components utilised in GDS products.