Energy saving and better quality of work environment

SIDERMEC is seen today as a reference group in Europe for the purchase and processing of tinplate, chrome plate and black band for industrial packaging.

The re-lamping project aimed at increasing the level of illumination and its uniformity, as also the level of light control related to natural illumination. In fact, a good quality of the light leads to better productivity: a good level of lighting makes work less tiring and more effective.

With the new ATLAS, the average lighting quality rose to 300 Lux. The specific operation guarantees high uniformity, greatly reducing dazzling or blinding effects from the lighting devices.

All installed devices have been connected to a DALI infrastructure that has a central lighting control system. This allows you to vary the brightness levels of the area depending on the different needs of the moment: the warehouse area only needs a level of 200 Lux, while the quality control department would find 400 Lux more ideal.

Light sensors connected to the infrastructure allow you to caliber the use of the devices based on the amount of natural light that already comes from outside. The contribution of natural daylight does in fact, if well used, improve the sense of well-being of all workers.

Energy saving and better work environment quality: both these objectives were perfectly achieved with this re-lamping operation in an industrial setting.