Conad Superstore

Specific solutions and self-diagnosis for large commercial areas

Bright welcoming spaces and specifically created lighting that reflect product differentiation have been the main features behind the re-lamping operation of the entire CONAD store in Bagnocavallo (RA).

A continuous row of over 700 meters of linear lamps was installed for general lighting of the sales area, replacing the old fluorescent fixtures. This system has also been integrated with a solution that manages emergency lighting, with automated self-diagnosis and monthly system reports.

We added accent lighting through the use of track projectors that enhance the differentiation of spaces and the different features of the products in display. Each area presents LED products that meet customer requirements in terms of light color and rendering.

The system that lights the meat department brings out the colors of the products in display through the use of specific MEAT lighting coloration. A cooler tone of color was preferred instead for the fish counter, enhancing the presence of the ice and emphasizing the freshness of the products; while the fruit department confers a warmer toned lighting, with high color rendering that enhances the natural color of the goods.

Even the external parking area and the tech-support areas that are not open to public have been subject to re-lamping, maximizing energy efficiency and saving.