The lighting system merchandise.

The TRILO projector light was designed for commercial enterprises and is the best product to highlight of the qualities of merchandise.

TRILO’s strong points are its high efficiency, great color rendering and excellent color stability, all of which are built in a sleek and modern structure.

TRILO is the technological successor to traditional high-pressure lighting systems.


Light for every need.

Some lighting situations require specific color emphasis. To meet these needs TRILO is available in the following versions:

  1. TRILO for Fashion ideal in the retail environment, where the vibrancy of true colors must be emphasized.
  2. TRILO for Art ideal for art pieces illumination, allowing a better preservation and providing the best color accuracy.
  3. TRILO for Food specific variants are available for meat,fresh products and baked products illumination.


Technology and design in perfect harmony.

In the TRILO projector the union of design and technology is in perfect harmony. The lamp’s surfaces are sculpted to present an exceptionally pleasing aesthetic form while also hiding the optical elements.

In TRILO you will find cutting edge LED technology that combines yellow unsaturated LEDs and red saturated LEDs. This allows a high color rendering (>90) that covers practically the entire light spectrum. The overall result is amazing - everything you need lies within a slim structure without any external power boxes.