The perfect solution for maximizing productivity.

The best performance requires the best lighting system for the task.

ORBITER is a ceiling light conceived to meet the needs of commercial environments, business offices and production areas. The innovative engineering guarantees impeccable quality of light and, naturally, ORBITER has high efficiency to reduce energy consumption.


The result is a lighting system that fits perfectly into the work environment.


Light and extremely slim.

The structure and minimal thickness - only 30mm - of the ORBITER line reflects contemporary tastes and fits perfectly with the architecture of modern offices.

The direct light emission – thanks to dedicated optics - focuses illumination where it is needed: on a computer workstation, a product on display or a production line.

ORBITER uses an acrylic glass screen (PMMA) specially designed to maintain the richness of the light over time and to minimize losses (energy waste): the frosted material enhances visual comfort by gentle diffusion of the light.


Smart environment.

ORBITER also offers the possibility of remote control of lighting (DALI standard). This feature allows real-time control of the system and its lighting levels.

Energy savings and therefore economic savings are maximized as a result.

The ORBITER line is exceptionally versatile as well. There are versions from 4,000 lumen to over 12,000 lumen and there is also the option of installing symmetric or asymmetric optics.