Functional Downlight.

HELIOS is efficient and versatile, stylish and elegant. Attention to detail in the design and the high color rendering index (CRI>90) make this the ideal product for brands and stores seeking to present a cutting edge image.

HELIOS creates light and shadow effects that emphasize details and give the illuminated products a more alluring and fascinating appearance.


Technologically advanced.

Efficient heat dissipation is necessary to maintain the performance of the lamp when using LEDs. The design of HELIOS is specifically directed at this requirement.

The outcome is an elegant luminaire that conceals a powerful light system capable of delivering up to 6,000 lm while maintaining exceptionally high efficiency and with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

HELIOS is the powerful light with the polished design. Once you install one, you will not go back to what you had.


Attention to detail.

HELIOS is a prime example of the best in LED technology today. The flux of light generated from the usual point sources is directed through a special mixing chamber.

The final result is astonishing; the light emission is perfectly uniform and maintains a level of efficiency that traditional sources cannot match.