The best insulated fixture with LED technology.


BURAN is manufactured with fiberglass reinforced with gray polyester. It was conceived for light weight, high-heat resistance, extreme mechanical stability and excellent electrical insulation. It is also exceptionally resistant to chemical agents.


Light and low-cost.

The shape of Buran matches traditional ceiling lights for easy replacement or retrofit in existing installations.

BURAN is light and economical but gets the job done perfectly: it makes the work space a safer and more productive environment.

Installing BURAN capitalizes on the efficiency of modern LED technology.


Best lighting device for the work space.

BURAN has a high performance optical system. It is made of ultraviolet stabilized opalescent polycarbonate, which acts as an effective diffuser, maximizing visual comfort while retaining LED light efficiency.

BURAN represents the natural technological evolution of insulated ceiling lights from fluorescent tubes to efficient LEDs.