Powerful. Versatile. Efficient.

ATLAS is the ideal lamp for industrial installations in large spaces, especially for heights over ten meters.
The extremely efficient LED sources provide ample light while limiting power consumption. This is a powerful, versatile and efficient product characterized by a minimalist and modern shape.

ATLAS is provided with two optical options: Wide Beam and Narrow Beam. The former is ideal for the diffusion of light in spaces up to seven meters of height. The latter is suggested for greater heights or warehouses with very high shelving.

Perfect solution for large spaces.

GDS Lighting’s technical and optical designs are unique and innovative.

The particular structural shape of Atlas achieves optimum lighting with minimum overlapping and maximum uniformity. This characteristic allows a reduced number of luminaires to be used and consequently less investment is needed.

The slim form and reduced weight (under 7kg) makes it very easy to install: two wire suspension points are all that is needed.


Extremely efficient heat dissipation.

Efficient heat dissipation is an important requirement in luminaires that use LED technology. The development of the GDS ATLAS line combined an innovative lighting design with a detailed thermal analysis. The result is that heat is dissipated by convection currents flowing over the whole surface of the product and thus providing optimum thermal performance.

ATLAS achieves exceptional efficiency in excess of 110 lm/W and over 100,000 hours of operation without color deterioration.