GDS Lighting

A local company that acts globally.

GDS Lighting is a branch of GDS Group, an international Italian industrial company that in the past thirty years has specialized in the design and production of high end electronic systems. GDS Lighting benefits from belonging to a financially stable group that provides significant investment in research and development. The company also benefits from being part of a diverse industrial organization which provides access to advanced manufacturing facilities at a competitive cost as well as to long term support. Its ten-year experience in LED management - developed in the field of LCD display electronics – provides GDSL with a solid background from which to apply this technology to illumination systems, having full knowledge of LED characteristics and performance even in extreme environments.

Thanks to our partnerships with specialist optical and light engineering companies, GDS Lighting offers advanced technological solutions for retail and industrial applications. Using its own engineers and production lines, the company is also able to offer customized solutions for specific needs.


Established presence in over 20 countries worlwide

800+ Employees

Skilled personnel all over the world

Engineering Excellence

Excellence in design and engineering

Quality control

Complete control over the whole product developement process